Nature of Accounts & Rules of Debit and Credit

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MCQs - Introduction to Financial Accounting

The file below contains MCQs regarding Introduction to Financial Accounting . These questions are often helpful for students (I.Com, B.Co, ACCA etc) and other people planning to sit in various Job tests conducted by NTS, PPSC, FPSC etc. (for the post of senior auditor, Assistant director finance, accounts and audit etc)

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Correction of Error

In this page you would find all the relevant material regarding the financial accounting topic of  ‘ Rectification of Error’ or ‘ Correction of Error’. The Material includes Video lectures, Notes, Practice Questions etc.

Video Lecture

Language: (Urdu and Hindi) Video Length: About 19 minutes File Type: Flash file (zipped) File Size: 5.5 [...]

Basic Concepts Problems and Solution

This question tests your basic knowledge of various accounting Principals ranging from fundamental accounting principals to inventory (IAS 2).


Question:- Revenue is not recognized when it is received.

Ans: True, it is recognized in the period in which it is earned.

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Branch Accounting Problems and solutions

This is the professional exam level question on the topic of Branch Accounting.

It is moderately difficult.

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Practice Questions: Rules of Debit and Credit & Basic Entries

Title: Basic Entries, Rules of Debit and Credit (Financial Accounting)

Type: Mixed (Fill in the Blanks & Multiple Choices)

Number of questions: 13 (version 1.3)

Passing Percentage: 80%

Time limit: No (Unlimited)

Financial Accounting Basic Terms Practice Questions

Title: Basic Accounting Terminology (Financial Accounting)

Type: Fill in the Blanks

Number of questions: 17 (version 1.7)

Passing Percentage: 70%

Time limit: No (Unlimited)

Each Question Carries: 10 marks.

Downloadable: Yes(See Below)

Final Accounts Questions (MCQs and True False)

Test your knowledge about Final Accounts of financial accounting. These are basic true/false questions.

Currently there are 10 questions. (Vol 1)

Each question has a time limit of 15 seconds (unless specified otherwise)

To pass, you must get 70% Marks.

Download links are also given, and it is advised to download first and then attempt the test (particularly if [...]