General Ledger & Factory Ledger

The topics of Basic Entries and General & Factory Ledger are inter-related. It is assumed that you have learned how to pass Basic Entries. If you haven’t then Click Here and Learn them

Ok, after learning the basic Entries, you can easily do this topic. All you have to remember is that only 5 accounts are maintained in the Factory ledger and all other account are kept in General Ledger. (these 5 accounts are given in printable lecture below.)

Now if you are Passing an entry in Factory Ledger, just replace the all those accounts name with General Ledger Account, which are not maintained in the Factory Ledger.
Similarly, if you are preparing General Ledger, replace all those accounts with factory Ledger which are not maintained in General Ledger.
This concept has been clearly shown in the Printable tutorial below.

You can download this Tutorial by right clicking on the picture and save target as

factory ledger1 General Ledger & Factory Ledger

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