Pension Rules

The questions below comprised of MCQs regarding  pension rule as applicable in Pakistan. These questions are often the part of syllabus of various exams for different posts(such as senior auditor), conducted by NTS, PPSC, FPSC etc.

Q: What is the difference Between Easy and Difficult?

A: There is no difference in number or type of questions in both cases. Questions are exactly the same. The only difference is the environment in which these need to be attempted. Summary is given below.

Difference between Difficult and Easy
Easy Difficult
Passing Marks Required 60% 75%
Time Limit No Yes (45 Sec)
Negative Marking No Yes (100%)

Q: Is there any difference between Single Set and Partial Set?

A: The partial set has been divided into 2 parts for general convenience. Otherwise there is no difference (same questions, same settings)

Download Links
Size (Mbs) Easy Difficult
Complete Single Set (89 Questions) 5.7 Mbs Download Download
Part A (44 Questions) 4.4 Mbs Download Download
Part B (45 Questions) 4.4 Mbs Download Download

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